Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a 12 month commitment?

Yes! Whether you choose the monthly or annual payment, this is a 12 month committment into the program.

What happens if I cancel my monthly subscription?

Since this is a 12 month committment you would still have to pay the remaining months left on a monthly basis. Altneratively you could choose to cover the remaining months in a lump sum payment upon cancellation.

What is all included?

You can find all of the features of TaxElm on our features page. Included is the following:

  • Tax Savings Blueprint and Training
  • Unlimited Email w/ Accountant
  • Annual 1-on-1 Live Consultation
  • Annual Bookkeeping Analysis
  • Monthly Group Webinar and Training
  • Partner Directory and Discounts
Who is this for?

TaxElm is designed specifically for small business owners. It is a perfect fit for both those just looking to get started in business and those that have an established and thriving business.

Think of TaxElm as like having a tax planning strategist in your back pocket on this entreprenurial journey.

TaxElm Demo

Tax Savings Blueprint and Training

Custom tax plan built for your situation along with training and implementation guides.

Unlimited Email w/ Accountant

Got a specific question about a tax rule? You’ll have to our team of accountants to get the accounting and tax answers you need.

Annual 1-on-1 Live Consultation

Once a year you get a live meeting with an accountant to discuss anything tax savings you would like. This is your time to get your questions answered live 1-on-1.

Annual Bookkeeping Analysis

Annually you will submit your financials to our team of accountants and we will put together a high level business financials overview report custom to your business.

Monthly Group Webinar and Training

Every month, we host a live, virtual training session on a key tax topic. Join us live and bring your questions or view the training on your own schedule (recordings are added to the tax training library).

Partner Directory and Discounts

You’ll also get exclusive, members-only rates and access to our expert referral network for accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, payroll, financial planning, legal, retirement planning, tax resolution, and more!