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Pay less taxes every single year while growing your business and wealth!

Tax Savings Blueprint and Training

Custom tax plan built for your situation along with training and implementation guides.

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Got a specific question about a tax rule? You’ll have to our team of accountants to get the accounting and tax answers you need.

Annual 1-on-1 Live Consultation

Once a year you get a live meeting with an accountant to discuss anything tax savings you would like. This is your time to get your questions answered live 1-on-1.

Annual Bookkeeping Analysis

Annually you will submit your financials to our team of accountants and we will put together a high level business financials overview report custom to your business.

Monthly Group Webinar and Training

Every month, we host a live, virtual training session on a key tax topic. Join us live and bring your questions or view the training on your own schedule (recordings are added to the tax training library).

Partner Directory and Discounts

You’ll also get exclusive, members-only rates and access to our expert referral network for accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, payroll, financial planning, legal, retirement planning, tax resolution, and more!

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“Mike does a great job of explaining things and giving simple easy-to-follow examples that have greatly improved my understanding of the complicated subject of taxes and small business finances. He also does a great job of producing content that’s applicable to the times we are in right now.”


“Since I am starting a new company, I was always hesitant about should I get an LLC, DBA, etc. This podcast helps you navigate through the tax essentials so that you feel confident in every tax decision regarding your business. I really love the step by step process so that I don’t get lost along the way.”


“Very useful and easy to understand information. Thank you for compiling and presenting the strategies in this way. You’ve also inspired me to better utilize my hard skills in my creative business.”


“Very timely information and perfect for small business owners. I love the attention to important issues that many people avoid but definitely need in order to run a functioning business.”

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