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General TaxElm Instructions

  • Currently our software is made for use on a computer web browser. 
    • Note: You can access it via mobile browser but the user interface will be harder to navigate.
  • To view a full software overview, click “Dashboard” in the left navigation and click play on the video.
  • Have questions?
    • Submit an “Ask a Pro” request.
  • Need to update payment information or cancel?
    • Submit an “Ask a Pro” request.

Ask A Pro

Feature Description

It is like having an accountant in your back pocket. Get clear, definitive answers to your tax and accounting questions so you never have to worry if you’ve got the real truth. Say goodbye to the days of paying your accountant hourly for simply reading an email and getting you an answer. We are here for you along this entrepreneurial journey. 

Questions Allowed: Unlimited

Submit a Request Instructions

  1. In the left dashboard, click “Ask a Pro”
  2. Click “New conversation”
  3. Enter Subject
  4. Enter Message
  5. Attach File (If Necessary)
  6. Click Submit


Q&A Consultation

Feature Description

Some things are just better face to face and that is why we include an annual 1-on-1 live meeting with one of our accountants. This is your opportunity to ask away and pick the brain of our team.  We open up the door to you, just let us know what you want to discuss!

Meetings Allowed: One per Year


Book a Meeting Instructions

  1. To make the most out of your meeting, ensure you have completed your Tax Planning Blueprint and gone through training and have a list of questions and items you want to discuss with one of our experts.
  2. In the left dashboard, click “Q&A Consultation”
  3. Click “Book a meeting”
  4. Pick Time on Calendar
  5. Follow Prompts
  6. Show up to the meeting via Zoom link!


Bookkeeping Analysis


Feature Description

Bookkeeping is a critical piece to your tax strategy and your business. This is exactly why our team will do a high level business financial analysis for you on an annual basis. You submit your income statement, balance sheet, and general ledger to us and we will give you an overview on thoughts of your bookkeeping system and what adjustments may be necessary.

Analysis Allowed: One per Year

Request a Review Instructions

  1. In the left dashboard, click “Bookkeeping Analysis”
  2. Click “Request a Review”
  3. Click “Request a Review”
  4. Pick the year of your financials
  5. List out any comments related to your financials
  6. Attached a copy of your income statement (Profit and Loss), balance sheet, general ledger, and any additional documents that may assist our time.
  7. Press “Send”


Tax Savings Blueprint

Feature Description

Our state of the art software sends you through a series of questions to create a custom Tax Savings Blueprint which includes:

  1. A complete overview of your income and investment activity.
  2. A custom list of tax strategies that you need to implement in your business to pay the least amount in taxes as legally possible. We break it down by strategies you have implemented, strategies to be implemented, and strategies you want to keep in mind for future implementation.

Tax Savings Blueprints Allowed: One per Year


Create Tax Savings Blueprint Instructions

  1. In the left dashboard, click “Tax Savings Blueprint”
  2. Click “+Create”
  3. Go through each section of the questionnaire. If you run into an error you will see a red box around the part that needs to be fixed.
  4. After going through each section, click “Save”
  5. Tax Savings Blueprint will be generated and then in the actions column you can download your PDF.
  6. Take the results from your Tax Savings Blueprint and start diving into the Training Program


Training Program

Feature Description

Our training library includes:

  • Written Content and Videos: For each module, we’ve taken decades of tax planning experience and broken it down into easy-to-understand videos and explanations.
  • Implementation Guides: We’ve created step-by-step implementation guides and templates so you can take advantage of the strategy right away in your own business.
  • Downloads and Templates: Many strategies you need additional documents to fill out and keep on file to support your deductions. We provide these so you have everything you need to successfully implement the strategies important to you. 

Training Program Instructions

  1. In the left dashboard, click “Training Program”
  2. Start Learning
    1. Learn by Topic
      1. In the dropdown, “Select a topic” choose a topic of your choosing and you will find all of the training modules associated with that topic.
    2. Search a Specific Lesson
      1. In the search box, start typing and the lessons with that item in the title will show up.
  3. Go Through the Lessons
    1. Video: This will always be on top (if applicable). You can start and stop as you choose.
    2. Content: This will be below the video and this is the main lesson content.
    3. Course Materials: Here will be download options (if applicable). Select the download button to get a version you can use and edit.


Partner Directory

Feature Description

We have been servicing small businesses for a long time and through the years we know exactly the needs of entrepreneurs. We know we cannot help an entrepreneur in every area of their business and that is why we have put in the work to create a partner directory of trusted companies for your various needs.

This includes but is not limited to accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, payroll, business retirement plans, financial advisors, attorneys, business valuations, tax credit vendors, sales tax, tax resolution, and so much more.

We have worked with these vendors to provide TaxElm members the best prices available.

Partner Directory Instructions

  1. In the left dashboard, click “Partner Directory”
  2. Click a specific partner and you will find information on them.
  3. You can use the search box to search by company name, sector, or contact name.
  4. Submit a “Ask a Pro” request if you would like a direct introduction to any of our partners.



Feature Description

Once a month we will get together as a group and host a live, virtual training session on a key tax topic. Join us live and bring your questions or view the training on your own schedule (recordings are added to the tax library each month). These trainings are directly catered to the requests and needs of our members.

Webinars Instructions

  1. In the left dashboard, click “Webinars”
  2. In the list of webinars find one that is relevant to you and click the “Register” button.
  3. Fill out information
  4. Join the live Zoom webinar.